Facilitating Engagement

Navigating the diverse landscape of supporting children and their families requires multifaceted skills, from engaging with families facing complex needs to facilitating small groups for parents and delivering training for practitioners.

Engage in exploration of various facets of facilitation and genuine engagement. Participants will get the opportunity to reflect on the impact of different facilitation styles on the engagement process as well as the chance to participate in small group practice activities related to specific course components.

•    Characteristics of facilitation that reflect partnership.
•    Skills and qualities of an effective facilitator.
•    Facilitation tools and techniques grounded in adult learning principles.
•    The culture of practice in 'engagement.'
•    Worker and service characteristics supporting engagement.
•    Strategies to promote engagement within and across services.

Empower yourself to facilitate genuine connections and engagement in your professional practice. Join the Facilitating Genuine Engagement Workshop for a transformative learning experience.

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