The Children’s Wellbeing Continuum is an evidence-based tool developed to support conversations around children’s wellbeing. The tool provides a snapshot of a child’s social and emotional wellbeing at a point in time. The Continuum has four anchor points that range from ‘Good’ through to ‘Coping’, ‘Struggling’ and ‘Overwhelmed’. By enabling parents, teachers and service providers to more easily discuss and reflect on wellbeing, the Continuum can support health literacy, and early identification and action when children are struggling.

The Children's Wellbeing Continuum spans 'good', 'coping', 'struggling' and 'overwhelmed'. 

The Raising Healthy Minds app by raisingchildren.net.au has published an animation video to help showcase what the Continuum is and how it can be used to support children's social and emotional wellbeing.

Developing the Continuum 

The Continuum was developed using a three-phase study including a literature review, Delphi studies and user testing. It has potential to play an important role in reducing stigma, facilitating the early detection of children who are struggling, and organising appropriate supports to prevent their progress to more serious mental health problems.

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  • Simone Darling, Mental Health in Primary Schools Senior Program Manager 

Partners and funders

The National Mental Health Commission helped to fund the development of the Children's Wellbeing Continuum.

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For more information, contact Simone Darling, Mental Health in Primary Schools Senior Program Manager: [email protected]